2-Stage installs / new homes on slab

  • GFPS

  • From $1,550 +GST 



The Grey Flow PS System is a "whole of house" greywater diversion system that is installed below ground. Is it installed within the house plumbing at pre-lay stage up to 3 metres deep and is ideal for tight and narrow sites. The Grey Flow PS has Watermark certification and is approved for use in all states. This greywater system can fit any house conditions and sizes. Grey Flow PS greywater recycling system is known for its robust design and will ensure you a trouble free greywater system. 

  • - Compact system ideal for tight and narrow sites
  • - Small footprint that would fit almost any site conditions
  • - Easy to install with reduced excavations requirements
  • - 100mm Inlet and outlet for "Whole of the House" and commercial applications
  • - Can spread the Greywater over a large garden area
  • - Combined with the 6 stations GF-Rotor and the Grey Flow Drip-Tube the system can cover a  garden area as large as 480 square meters