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The GreyFlow PS-AG family product is a true Greywater diversion system that if fully automated, easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing homes or installed on new homes. Whilst showering or washing clothes, the greywater is directly diverted to your garden with a minimum water storing time. This unique patented design reduces: health risks, mosquito and bacteria breeding as well as maintenance of the system. This greywater system is voted to be the most maintenance free system in the market! Greywater recycling systems.


  1. Fail safe automatic diversion to sewer when system is off for winter and during power outages
  2. More hygienic system favored by health regulators
  3. Can be connected to a soil moisture sensor or rain switch to prevent water runoff
  4. Can be switched off via a timer or a remote control switch for diversion to sewer of unwanted water
  5. 4" inlet and outlet for "Whole of house" and commercial applications
  6. Can spread the Greywater over a large garden area
  7. Combined with the 6 stations GF-Rotor and the Grey Flow Drip-Tube the system can cover a garden area as large as 480 square meters)

The GreyFlow PS-AG comes with options of manual clean filtration or automatic backflush filtration. With the automatic backflush option you only need to clean your filters once every year, which eases the job of maintenance. The GFPS-AG is also designed to retrofit into almost any house design. Below ground greywater pipe, above ground greywater pipe or at a partially buried level, the GFPS-AG is the option to go with!